Whether you’re playing computer games, contemplating life, trading cryptocurrency, or watching Stranger Things; a man cave can serve a necessary emotional and psychological function. And it’s indispensable and crucial for us men who often get neglected in having our emotional needs met. Yeah, I said it.  Most men don’t talk about emotions but it is important to have solid emotional health.  Guess what?  A man cave can help.

It’s a great way of saying, “I love my family, but I need my down time and recharge.” “Man caves are the architectural equivalent to hanging out with friends when we are alone.” And of course, “The Man Cave is the perfect place to hang out with your friends.”

A man cave should have no concession. Hear that, Ladies? No concession. A room that satisfies and regulates mental need is less efficient if someone manipulates the outcome. Women are usually great at household design.  The overall interior design of the house, usually coveys the woman’s emotions and generally men do not have an outlet of expression in his living space. Thus, guys can feel subconsciously isolated.

Personal space is essential for the man in a home, no matter his marital status or age.

Man caves enable men to express their actual self, and the space to enjoy a relaxing pool game, football with the guys, extra work done, and sometimes just pure quietness.  The benefits are limitless. So be sure to include all these items in your man cave.

Man caves and what to fill them with

Man caves are of various sizes and shapes. The man cave space can be in the secret passageway beyond a bookcase, garage, or in the standard basement or den. “UTILIZE IT,”  “take full control of the room,” “Make it unique.” Add many ideas to the room.

Man caves need TV, food, and entertainment, but that’s just a fraction, to what’s possible. Here are the top 10 ideas for creating your man cave:

  1. Bar Stools: There’s no place manlier than a slab, and all slabs need a good stool. Every man cave should include a set of 4 bar stools, size permitting. If you need a place to start, click on the gift shop link and it will show you some bar stools that are hot sellers and affordable in Amazon.


  1. Movie Posters or Wall Art: A man cave can’t be complete without a sign that reveals a man’s favorite movie. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the famous gangster posters – Goodfellas, The Godfather, and Scarface. Also, showcasing your favorite movie, as wall art, gives your guests a peep into what you like. Remember, a man cave is a place to express yourself; it’s not just a place to get away.


  1. Comfortable seating: A Man cave should have comfortable seating… like home theater seating, but more often than not a full-size couch will do. Just to add, you could also include cup holders, leather recliners, and a place to place your iPad to track your fantasy team. If your seating isn’t too comfortable, just add a bunch of toss pillows and this will do the trick.


  1. Sports memorabilia and decor: Man caves and sports match together. Most men install their caves to watch their favorite team. Men that spend the time to design their cave have one or two sports idols, in the house. Now, it’s time to please your wife and move your favorite team’s memorabilia from the 1990’s to where it belongs.


  1. Dartboard, pool table or poker table: Dartboards, pool tables and poker tables, only make the cave more entertaining. A dartboard is a must and keeps all of your fidgety friends preoccupied. Some people are into shooting pool or playing poker and card games and others are not, but most everyone loves the dartboard.


  1. Alexa or Google: A perfect man cave needs the right tunes and the right system to project those tunes. You can invest in a heavy duty high fidelity box or you can pick up an Amazon Echo or a Google Home.  The great thing about Alexa or Google Assistant is that it’s really like having a robot next to you.  It connects to Spotify and a host of other music apps and also is pretty good at providing the internet via voice command. You can ask it to play your favorite music or ask about the weather and find out about the latest headlines and traffic conditions.  We guys also tend to argue about facts and stats from time to time.  Now, you can just ask Alexa or Google to settle the argument.


  1. Big Screen TV: Most men enjoy watching sports, or stream Netflix or HBO. Some guys have their Game of Thrones events and drink ale with their buddies.  A man cave is incomplete without a Large LED TV to complete the picture. Make sure to pick up a Bluetooth sound bar if you don’t want to fuss with the traditional surround sound setup.  With the cool technology of sound bars these days you don’t really have to fuss with a bunch of wiring like in the old days.


  1. Man Cave Bar, Humidor & Fridge: Of what good is a man cave without a refrigerator filled with beverages? If you are a cigar aficionado, you definitely need a cigar humidor. Setting up a bar, is highly recommended, but can be costly and take up space.  If you homebrew, think about setting up a cool kegerator.  If you’re into wine, get a nice wine fridge.


  1. Personalization: You need to decorate your space that expresses you. Personalize it with signs on the walls, your name on your glasses and mugs, and if you are into certain colors schemes or want a certain theme, plan it out with the proper cargo.


  1. A Gaming system: Okay, Now you’ve got the LED large screen TV, the comfortable chair, the epic sound system, the fully stocked fridge. So you need something extra- “The gaming system.” Whatever console you pick, it is a must-have in a man cave. Most men can’t deny their love for gaming, but usually end up laying on a smaller screen, to free up the big TV for the family. With a setup in your man cave this will no longer be the case.  It’s most likely the rest of the family will want to hang out there now.  Remember, make sure you have extra controllers for when you friends come over.


Just a bonus tip for the intellectual types

A Vast library of books

Although you already have a variety of movies, Netflix service, Music library, and games, a collection of books and magazines can keep you and your friends knowledgeable and entertained. Books are quickly becoming a thing of the past, but they can add that special touch to your man cave. Ensure to store the books neatly on the shelf.  If books are not your thing, don’t sweat it.

In all, inform everyone that enters your man caves that it belongs to you.  Don’t forget to add as many personal touches as possible. I don’t want to sound negative but try not to hang pictures of family and such, you’ve got the rest of the house to do that.  Here’s suggestion! How about that humongous bass, caught on your last summer fishing trip? Did you win the golf tournament on one summer, or win last year’s fantasy football? Show off your proud trophy. It’s an opportunity to shine, so take advantage of it.

I hope this was useful.


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