A Beauty of a Cigar

A Beauty of a Cigar

The Gurkha Beauty. For the price, it’s hard to find something as nice as this. The sticker price is a fat $150 for a 5 pack. That is $30 a stick.  As of this writing, JR Cigars is selling the 5 pack for $22.50. That is a discount of $127.50.  The Beauty will take some time to get through so make sure you’re free of commitments before you cut and light this puppy up.  It’s big and juicy and might not be for everyone, but for less than $5 per stick, it is definitely a good buy and worth a try.


Gurkha 5-Packs Beauty


**Disclaimer: Check your Tobacco vendor and packaging and read all health risks and warnings by the Surgeon General or any government warning if and when you purchase / use tobacco products. Also, investigate thoroughly for yourself and be aware. Smoke cigars at your own risk. You must be of legal age in your country / region to purchase Tobacco products.

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