About Us

Man Cave Ideas and the Pursuit of Happiness

Cigars, shirts and man cave ideas.

Okay, guys. Let’s face it. We are not pro shoppers like our female counterparts. We like recommendations and facts before “WE” make our “OWN” decision. Most of us are still okay when our wives or girlfriends buy clothes for us, but when it comes to things we care about, we want to choose. Right?

So, where do we start? Most guys love a starting location or a point of reference. Then we like to accumulate a lot of reasons why we need to acquire that item. The difficulty and time consuming part is that there are a lot of people with hidden agendas and you can’t always trust them. On my site, I make suggestions on what I like and what I believe to be good.

I would like to be your reference point for stuff. Sometimes you will read my blog and click around and then come back and get what I recommend or sometimes you will end up somewhere completely different. Either way you will hopefully make the best choice for yourself …. Underground Cargo can help.