Clean Your Mouth

It’s a topic people do not want to talk about.  Bad breath.  It usually will include coffee breath. onion breath, ethnic food breath, and being a cigar connoisseur I personally struggle with smoker’s breath.  For some people, every time you open your mouth, it smells like something is dying in there, but no one will tell you.  Well this may help you out.


Don’t just brush your teeth.  Clean your mouth.


Most of us growing up were asked, “did you brush your teeth?”  Automatically, in our childhood minds we thought about using that brush with toothpaste and scrubbing all the cavity causing elements away and spitting them down the sink.  We can still hear our mama’s voice in our heads, “brush your teeth”.  So we brush our teeth 2-3 times a day and our breath still smells like mild sewage and we don’t even know it.  What’s going on?


Your breath is a complex formula of many smelly ingredients.  Fortunately for us, we can do something about these ingredients and the smells they create.


First, brushing hard and long is not always good for you.  It can damage the enamel covering your teeth.  We scrub hard sometimes because we think the teeth are the culprit.  Gentle brushing for about 2-3 minutes is usually best.  With advancement in technology, you don’t even have to swing your arms back and forth.  You can get an electronic brush and gently cover the surface of your teeth and gums.


Second, there can be food particles lodged between your teeth.  That food, if unflossed or unpicked will continue to evolve allowing its beautiful aroma to enhance the fragrance spewing out of your mouth.  Also, sometimes food wedged between your teeth can create pressure and cause your gums to bleed, which will also contribute to your smelly breath.  Flossing is good, but using a water pick is better.


Then you have your tongue.  Your tongue’s surface is deeper that it looks.  The smell from your tongue is a huge contributor to bad breath.  If you scrape your tongue each time you brush you will eliminate a lot of odors.  If you are not a scraper and you scrape for the first time, take a look at what comes out when you scrape.  It will be very visible to coffee drinkers, wine drinkers and cigar smokers.


Finally, we get to the rinse part.  Why? Because even though you gently brush your gums, there is a lot of real estate in your mouth that you did not get to. Your mouth not only has food, drink and smoke to contend with, it also has stuff coming up from your stomach.  When you lay down and sleep at night some of that stuff is making its way from your gut to your throat and mouth.  Not to mention any stuff caused by stress, hunger or gas that can come up from within throughout the day. I have found that the best mouth rinse that I have used was Smart Mouth.


Over time, some people develop plaque on their teeth, even with a proactive mouth cleaning regiment.  I recommend that you see a dentist or a hygienist for this.  You can self clean, but trust me a dentist or a hygienist will do a far better job.


So to break it down, these are the products I recommend to clean your mouth and combat your bad breath.


  1. Sonicare Toothbrush
  2. Waterpik Aquarius
  3. Tongue Scraper
  4. Smart Mouth Mouth Rinse


This should eliminate a lot of your bad breath and keep your mouth in pretty good shape.






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