The Dude Cleared Over $136K in 52 Weeks in Cryptocurrency

I found this very interesting guy on Youtube who is making me money.  On a video, this guy named Peter, talked about Icon (ICX).  ICX is a Cryptocurrency launched by Koreans and looked very promising.  So I purchased some ICX coins and in two days doubled my money.  The FOMO in me wished I had put more money into it.

Initially, I started watching the videos from BiteSizeBitcoin and I thought this was just some dude messing around on Youtube.  He sounded like an old school LEET gamer talking about Warcraft or Counterstrike and interacting with his Tribe and dissing all the haters.  Well, mixed in with all of his comedy and antics are some incredible nuggets of wisdom regarding crypto and investing.

Last year, Peter, started a DCA (dollar cost average) investment test and put $100 each Friday into Litecoin.  This was an experiment.  So, after a year, out of pocket he spent $5,200.  He said he buys on Fridays because statistically the market generally dips a bit on Fridays.  At the end of one year, he cleared $136K even after the big correction we just experienced.  How do you invest $5,200, $100 a week, for 52 weeks and end up with $136K profit?

You can see his results here:

You can go to 3:40 if you want to cut straight to the chase.

So, for this year, he is doing two DCA experiments.  One, which he announced as being ICX and the other you probably have to watch his channel or check out his website, to find out.  You can see him announce it on this video.  You can skip to 52:30 to hear him talk about it.

Nobody can guarantee you money, but this guy has a proven track record.  Something to think about…

Oh, please seek financial advice from a professional financial advisor before making any investment.  These are only opinions and there is high risk in cryptocurrency.

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