The Kick Triumph Foosball Table

The Kick Triumph Foosball Table.  This table is worth the investment.  With Tornado Tournament 3000 tables at the $2K+ range and a handful of good professional quality tables close to $1,000, I could not find a better deal than the Kick Triumph.  With a pre-tax price tag of $559 and with free shipping, I think this this is the best table for the money.  Unless you are seriously entering tournaments and can afford the Tornado, the Kick Triumph is the way to go.  Here are the details provided by Kick:

About The KICK Triumph Foosball Table

The KICK Triumph was designed for the serious Foosball enthusiast who also enjoy relaxing during play. The chrome detailing against the black color of the table make a striking contrast. The elegant chrome detailing is found on the chrome edging on the body, the trim for the ball return and the ball dispenser holes,the round leg casters, and the support beams on both sides of the table. You will not find a more precise table than this. End every game in triumph with your new KICK Triumph!

Technical Specifications:

-Premium Bearings

-Sturdy 5″ Leg Levelers With Rubber Bottom

-Front Ball Return on Each Side

-Slide Scoring Mounted On Each End

-1-Goalie or 3-Goalie Design (Player Preference, Kit Included)

-8 Durable 5/8″ Semi-Solid Steel Chome-Plated Rods

-2 KICK Premier and 2 Soccer Balls

-13 Yellow and 13 White Counter Weighted Foosball Men (Home & Away) and a set of 26 Uniformed Men

-8 NoSlip Wooden Handles With Screws

-2 Chrome Cup Holders (Optional Installation)


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