Latest Designs … Byte, Stop Stupid, and BTS.

I just put up some new designs on my Teepublic store.  I hope you like them.

The byte me design works well both as a t-shirt or an iPhone case / cover.

The BTS is an inside joke.  Either you know what it means or you don’t.  Please don’t ask me to explain.

Lastly, I made a design which was a discussion at one point with one of my close friends.  My buddy’s wife complained that he had way too many T-shirts.  He told me, “I can’t go home with another t-shirt.  My wife’s gonna get pissed.” When I see all of the brilliant creativity in t-shirts today, I want to support the artists who made them.  It’s funny, but what I think of as cool, my wife will see as another stupid t-shirt I bought.  So I designed the Stop Stupid T-Shirt as a funny way to identify with t-shirt shopaholics.




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