The Man Cave … Why Guys Need It.

Chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide, according to the American Psychological Association. In America more than 75 percent of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.

Our very pursuit of happiness, many times, adds a strong dose of stress in our daily lives. We stress out about our jobs, our health, our money (or the lack thereof) and especially our relationships.

Setting up and maintaining a man cave should not add stress. If it does, you should rethink your whole approach to a man cave. A man cave should help relieve your stress.

A man cave should be your pause button from life. A “cut out” and a “recharge” so you are more focused and energized for your day to day. Men all around the world maintain their man caves, making constant additions and upgrades until they die, or move. This is healthy.

So what is a man cave? Imagine a man’s version of a clubhouse or a treehouse with a bunch of cool grownup toys in it. That is just one variation of a man cave. Here is a short list, and I am sure you can add to it.

Den / Bonus Room
Workshop / Workroom
Outdoor Patio
Guest House
And if you live by yourself …

There is no cookie cutter formula for a good man cave. A good man cave is a natural extension of yourself. A place where you can think and reflect. A place where you express yourself. A place where you invite your friends and hang out. It will usually be filled with cool things that are meaningful and a combination of games, tools, hobbies, food, drinks, cigars, collectables … well you get the picture.

You can go low budget or high budget or a combination of both. How much you spend on what is also an extension of your personality. As time passes, you will naturally add to your man cave, new findings and upgrades, while discarding some of the things that don’t belong there anymore. Try to avoid too much clutter and hoarding. Also, if you don’t use your man cave, it could turn out to be a storage space with dust and webs – useless.

With all things, keep it balanced.  Make sure you don’t spend too much time there just to have your loved ones find you wasting away in your cave. Your wife, kids, parents and others should know that this is YOUR space. What that means is up to you. With the proper understanding your relationships will actually thrive and you will be a much more helpful and pleasant person to those you live with.

I truly believe that if you do this right … the whole “man cave” thing will be a positive thing.


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